Why does my brake pedal feel spongy?

Your brakes are the most important part of your vehicle's safety features. So when your brakes feel spongy or soft, figuring out the cause and getting it fixed is imperative.

#1 — Brake Fluid Issues

One potential cause for this is either old brake fluid or low levels due to a leak. This could be a simple fix, so you should get it checked out by a professional.

#2 — Air in Your Brake Lines

One of the most common causes is air in your brake lines. Air in your brake line can often stop brake fluid from flowing through the system properly. Leading to that spongy feeling you noticed.

#3 — Issues With Your Brake Caliper

Your brake calipers are a part of your disc brake's system. They clamp down the brake pads to help stop your vehicle, and when these go bad, it can make your entire brake system inefficient. If you hear loud squeaking or your car pulls to one side, this might be your issue. Get it checked out as soon as possible because this could lead to a costlier repair later on.

#4 — Worn Out Master Cylinder

The master cylinder is an integral part of your brake system. Its failure can cause that spongy feeling, and lead to brake fluid leaking or becoming contaminated. You'll want to get this fixed as soon as possible because it can lead to a complete failure of your braking system.

Brake Diagnostics and Repairs in Gurnee, IL

If you have an issue with your brake system, we'd be happy to take care of it for you. Come on into D. Wells Automotive Service and we'll take a look at it, and then you can drive off assured you're in a vehicle that can protect you and your family on the road!

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