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D. Wells Automotive Service provides Gurnee drivers with affordable, high-quality clutch repair and replacement services. Call now – (847) 505-0148 – to schedule your appointment or book online!

Your vehicle’s clutch is an important part of the transmission system, because it is the component that helps your vehicle’s transmission disengage from the drivetrain to prevent your vehicle’s gears from grinding while switching. This process is what allows you to stop the wheels without having to turn off the engine. The clutch undergoes quite a bit of usage while driving, which can cause it to wear down quickly over time. If you suspect that you have a clutch issue, we invite you into the experts here at D. Wells Automotive Service.

Here at our Gurnee clutch repair shop, we staff ASE certified mechanics work on all makes and models of vehicles and are well equipped to assist with any clutch repair or service that your vehicle may need. Clutches are actually in both automatic and manual transmissions, and there are many different components including linkages, clutch fork, clutch disk, flywheel, and more. Our professionals will perform a full visual inspection of the clutch system to identify the exact cause of your issue.

Signs Your Car Needs Clutch Repair

  • Clutch is “slipping”
  • Clutch needs to go down to floorboard to engage
  • Grinding sound while shifting
  • Trouble shifting gears
  • High engine revving but poor acceleration
  • Vibrating or loose feeling clutch pedal

As soon as you notice any of the issues listed above, get your vehicle into our experts for an inspection. Ignoring a clutch problem can start to cause severe damage to your transmission which can be costly to repair. As soon as we identify the problem, we will provide you with an estimate of the work required to restore your vehicle and get you back on the road. Our shop has been trusted in the area for honest auto care for over 50 years and we guarantee that we will repair your vehicle correctly the first time around.

If you're in Gurnee, Gages Lake, or Lindenhurst and in need of clutch repair in, stop by the experts here at D. Wells Automotive Service today or schedule your next visit using our online appointment form.

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