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D. Wells Automotive Service provides Gurnee drivers with affordable, high-quality engine repair services. Call now – (847) 505-0148 – to schedule your appointment or book online!

Our ASE Certified Mechanics Are Here to Help

D. Wells Automotive Service specializes in repair and maintenance services for the engines of cars, trucks, and other motor vehicles. With over 20 years of experience, our trained professionals provide trusted service in an efficient and reliable manner. Our mission is to help vehicle owners understand the importance of proper engine care while delivering top-notch repairs that fit their budget. We believe every vehicle owner should have a safe and reliable car they can depend on. With our knowledgeable staff and state-of-the-art equipment, we are able to keep your car running smoothly and efficiently. Visit us today and allow us to take care of all your engine repair needs!

The Importance of Functioning Engine

A car engine is an important component of any automobile, as it performs the task of converting fuel into mechanical energy. This energy is then used to power the car and all its associated systems, allowing it to move along a road. During this process, exhaust gases are also created as a by-product. An engine needs multiple components working together in order for it to be able to function, like air intake and filters, spark plugs, pistons and cylinder blocks among others. Without an engine, a car would not be able to reliably do what it's meant to do - transport people where they need and want to go in comfort and safety!

Symptoms of a Faulty Engine

When diagnosing a faulty car engine, it is important to pay attention to the signs and symptoms that manifest. Common indications of a malfunctioning engine can include an excessive amount of smoke being emitted from the exhaust system, abnormal noises such as squealing or tapping sounds, jerky movements when accelerating, a reduction in power and fuel efficiency, and overheating issues. If these warning signs are not addressed in a timely fashion, bigger problems can arise which all lead up to costly engine repairs or worse - having to replace the entire engine! Therefore, it is essential to know what symptoms indicate that something is wrong with your car's engine in order to prevent further damage.

Bring Your Vehicle to D. Wells’ Repair Shop

If you're in Gurnee, Gages Lake, or Lindenhurst and in need of engine repairs for your car, bring your vehicle into D. Wells Automotive Service or use our online appointment form to schedule your next visit today.

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