Why Car Batteries and Winter Just Don't Mix

Winter can be a difficult time for our car batteries. The cold can cause them to die unexpectedly, making it inconvenient for you to get from place to place. There are a few reasons why vehicle batteries tend to die during this particular season:

Reasons Why Car Batteries Tend to Die in the Winter

  • Cold weather reduces battery power: Cold temperatures can cause the electrolyte in a car battery to thicken, which reduces the battery's ability to produce power. This means that your battery has to work harder to start your car, which can cause it to drain faster.
  • Lights and heating systems drain power: During the winter, we tend to use more lights and heating systems in our cars, which also drain power from the battery.
  • Short trips can drain a battery: Short trips where the car is not run long enough to fully charge the battery, can cause a gradual drain on the battery, leading to a dead battery.

To prevent your car battery from dying in the winter, here are several tips:

  1. Keep your car in a garage: If possible, keep your car in a garage or covered area to protect it from the cold.
  2. Use a battery blanket: A battery blanket is a device that wraps around the battery and keeps it warm. This can help prevent the thickening of the electrolyte and maintain battery power.
  3. Turn off unnecessary lights and accessories: When your car is running, turn off any unnecessary lights or accessories that are not needed to save power on the battery.
  4. Avoid short trips: Try to avoid making short trips, and instead, take longer trips to help keep the battery charged.
  5. Have a regular check-up: Regularly check the battery's condition and have it checked by a professional to make sure it's in good condition.
  6. Clean corrosion off your battery (if applicable): If you notice some scum around your battery's terminals, clean it off. When corrosion overcrowds the connection points, it wears down your battery quicker.

By following these tips, you can help ensure your car battery stays charged and ready to go all winter long. If you need a battery test, please visit D. Wells Automotive Service today.

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