What Should You Have Checked Before Your Holiday Road Trip

So your car is new and you had your routine maintenance just the other week. It may seem logical to go on a long trip without having your car checked given the circumstance, right? Well, on the contrary. Having a routine inspection of your car is strongly advised to all car owners before going on a long drive.
It is crucial to have your car checked before the journey because for a smooth and successful trip, about five components of your car should be in good shape. They include: tires, brakes, air conditioning, fluids, steering and suspension.


You want to make sure your tires have zero punctures or any form of damage that may affect their pressure retention. Anticipate a tire blowout during your trip and thus ensure all your worn tires are replaced.


Imagine driving your car over a long distance and suddenly realizing you cannot stop the car? Hazardous right? To enhance your safety and prevent such a dangerous occurrence from occurring, check to ensure your brake pads work perfectly. The common rule of thumbs is that it is best to replace your brake pads once every 25000 to 70000 miles.


These include your power steering fluid, brake fluid, the transmission fluid, and the windshield washer fluid. Apart from the regular oil check, ensure all your component fluids are in check as your car safety is determined by their functioning capacity.

Steering and Suspension

Another issue that could arise during your trip is loose steering parts. For a smooth and safe trip have your mechanic to check and ascertain the perfect shape of your steering and suspension system.

Air Conditioning

Whether you are traveling during the cold or hot season, you will need your A/C for have a comfortable ride, to and fro. A routine maintenance will reveal whether the air conditioning unit blows at the required rates and intensity.

You deserve a fun, comfortable, and safe road trip. To achieve this, you have the responsibility of ensuring your car is road worthy. And a holistic maintenance check will help reveal the overall status of your car. So, yes. You should definitely have your car checked before a long trip.

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