What Happens If I Skip My Car Service?

No matter what kind of vehicle you drive, the car requires regular service to maintain efficiency and performance. Automobile manufacturers and mechanics recommend you service your car at least once a year. Some vehicles require their oil change more frequently, so it can be up to a couple times a year. When an individual slacks on their vehicle maintenance, it can come back to haunt them later on.

What Happens If You Skip Maintenance?

Depending on how long you delay the service, the consequences can be minor to very impactful. For example, waiting an extra 500-100 miles on a major service isn’t a huge deal and won’t leave any lasting damages to your engine. However, skipping services like oil changes can become costly. Here is what you can expect when you neglect your vehicle maintenance. 

  • Expensive replacements - Without proper car care, your vehicle components will wear down much quicker than necessary. Depending on the parts, they can cost you hundreds to replace. Don’t dig yourself a mess when sparing some money on maintenance is all it takes. 
  • Potential hazards - When you forget to take care of your car, it increases your chances of hazards, breakdowns, and accidents on the road. Parts like brakes, windshield wipers, and tires need attention. With maintenance, we can spot early signs of failure and replace these parts to avoid putting you and your loved ones in danger.
  • Lowered efficiency – When your car is serviced on time every time, it will run smoothly and efficiently. However, your vehicle may over consume fuel when you have poor brakes or uneven tires. 
  • Dirty engine - Without services like oil changes, your engine and other components under the hood will collect build up of contaminants and corrode. To prevent wear and tear of these costly components, regular fluid service is necessary.
  • Increased emissions - With lower efficiency, your car will likely expel more pollutants. The excess carbon emissions can harm the environment.

If your car, SUV, or truck is due for auto maintenance, please call or visit D. Wells Automotive Service today!

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