What Does The Color of My Exhaust Fumes Signify?

As responsible vehicle owners, we must consistently inspect our car's systems and fluids to keep our vehicle in good health. A sign as alarming as spewing smoke can be very worrying. However, you can quickly diagnose the condition of your car by paying close attention to the color of the smoke itself and using the rest of your senses. 



If your exhaust releases white smoke, it's oftentimes just water vapor. This is especially common on cold mornings or cold days. White gases are produced by condensation and naturally accumulate in the exhaust system. However, in rare cases, whitish-gray smoke may suggest that you have a blown head gasket or coolant entering the combustion chamber. The only way to distinguish the problem is by visiting our expert team at D. Wells Automotive Service for an accurate examination. 



There is more than one reason to worry if your exhaust is discharging blue or gray exhaust smoke. These colors signify that there is a high probability it may be an oil leak and your engine is burning its oil. Oil leaks can be caused by numerous damage to parts. They include leaky valve seals, damaged piston rings, or worn cylinder walls. A qualified technician would be the best to give a precise cause and be able to repair the damages.



When a vehicle burns an excessive amount of fuel, it will release a dark cloud of black smoke. It may also be a warning that there is a clogged air filter, defective fuel injection system, or a blocked manifold. A clogged air filter may not necessarily affect your gas-burning processes with modern automotive technology. However, a dirty air filter will affect the overall performance of your vehicle. It is best to visit a trained technician for a comprehensive report.


If you require exhaust system repair, we invite you to take your vehicle to D. Wells Automotive Service today!

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