What Causes a Vehicle to Breakdown in the Summer?

As the weather gets warmer, many of us will be using our cars to visit the beach, go on road trips, spend time with friends, and more (once it is safe to do so, of course). Our cars are being used much more - but are you remembering to take care of it, too? 

Because our cars are being driven more in the summer, there are many more reasons that our cars can breakdown on us during this time. Here are some common reasons why our cars tend to breakdown during the summer: 

Check Engine Light - If your check engine light is on, it is important to have the issue inspected and diagnosed as soon as possible. Driving with the check engine light on can actually cause more harm than good, because it can make the problem worse and eventually more expensive. The only way to know for sure what is causing the problem is to have your trusted mechanic run diagnostics on your vehicle. 

Flat Tire - A flat tire can be common in the summer, especially due to temperature change and the amount of cars on the road. Be sure to have your tire pressure checked before heading out on any long drives. 

Car Overheating - Make sure to pay attention to your engine temperature gauge. If you notice that it is hotter than usual, you may want to have your vehicle inspected. A temperature warning can also turn on if your vehicle is at risk for overheating. 

Dead Car Battery - A dead car battery can also happen during the summer, especially when it comes to high temperatures which can put a strain on the battery and cause battery fluid to evaporate. A test at your trusted local auto repair shop can check for charge and ensure that your battery will last throughout the summer months. 

Before we reach the summer months, be sure to have your vehicle inspected here at D. Wells Automotive Service to avoid any of the above from occurring on the road!

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