What Are Some Common Car A/C Problems?

The most frequent vehicle A/C problems manifest themselves in a similar fashion. Ultimately, you usually just end up sweating the entire car ride. Warm air either blows out of your vents instead, or there’s no air blowing at all. If you’re “lucky”, you may be stuck with weak airflow.  August is one of the worst times to be stuck with broken A/C, so here is what you need to know about the most common A/C problems in automobiles.


Below are some common explanations for broken auto air conditioning:

  • Faulty condenser fan - These fans are kept near the front of your vehicle, and they have dual roles – they help cool down your condenser and play a role in your vehicle’s cooling system. 
  • Failing compressor - The compressor is like the heart of your A/C system as it regulates and promotes the flow of refrigerant. If there’s low pressure in the compressor, you may experience an A/C malfunction. 
  • Electrical problem - Electrical problems can be irritating whether they affect your A/C or not. Our mechanics can check individual sensors, wires, and fuses that link back to your air conditioning system. 
  • Refrigerant leak - Freon leaks are common as the hoses and seals in your A/C system age. When they have experienced some wear and tear, they can break, causing leaks in the system. 

To keep your car cool, your vehicle’s A/C components should be in good shape. And your car should have enough refrigerant to keep the air cool. We can check for all kinds of A/C failures at D. Wells Automotive Service by utilizing our top-of-the-line gauges and equipment. If you’re looking for reliable auto air conditioning repair today, please bring your car, SUV, or truck to our auto service shop today.

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