Safety Driving Tips for Halloween

It's October, which means Halloween is merely weeks away! Regardless of if you are a parent yourself or not, you still have a responsibility to keep everyone in your community safe. You will be seeing many pedestrians on this spooky October night, and most of them will be children. Here are some of our safe driving tips for all motorists for Halloween!

  • Reduce Your Speed – The most important takeaway from this blog is to remember to reduce your speed. The children will be filled with excitement (and sugar), so they may run around and walk out from multiple directions.
  • Avoid Major Distractions (Phone, Eating/Drinking, etc.) - You should divert 100 percent of your attention to the road. That means silence your phone to avoid any possible disturbances. Your hands should also be free and on the steering wheel.
  • Don't Skip a Stopped Vehicle in a Neighborhood – If you see an idling car (with its light on) on the street, there's a good chance they are loading or unloading kids. Please do not jump the gun and try to pass them. It's best to be patient and wait.
  • Stop For andMake Eye Contact with Pedestrians – Some people, especially young children, are timid and may freeze up when they see oncoming traffic. Making eye contact, a simple hand gesture, or honking your horn is a great way to communicate with pedestrians that they are safe to cross.

We hope some of these tips help you and others stay safe for Halloween. Driving on holidays such as Halloween doesn't have to be stressful as others make it out to be. If your vehicle needs any maintenance and repairs, we invite you to bring it to D. Wells Automotive Service today!

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