Most Common Reasons for a HOT (Overheating) Car

An overheating vehicle becomes a more common issue when the temperature outside starts climbing. It can be pretty daunting, considering one of the first signs is smoke coming out of your hood. However, do not panic when you notice smoke or when the temperature gauge indicates the red "H". We will help you get to the bottom of the problem. Here are the possible reasons that cause your vehicle to overheat:


Coolant System Leak

A leak in the coolant system is the most significant cause contributing to an overheating engine. The system itself consists of the radiator, water pump, head gasket, hoses, and thermostat housing. Always be sure to search under the hood to see if you notice any leaks. If located, sometimes you may be able to patch it yourself. However, if you are uncomfortable with the repair, D. Wells Automotive is happy to do the job.


Not Enough Coolant

It is essential to routinely check and top off your coolant when necessary to avoid an overheating engine. To check your coolant level, make sure that your engine is entirely off and your car is parked on level ground. Additionally, you will want to allow your engine to cool off for several hours. 


Blockage with Coolant Hose

A blocked coolant hose can indeed cause your car to overheat. It is possible that debris and other road sediments can get into your coolant system and block the fluid from passing through properly. We can fix this problem for you by flushing it and refilling it with fresh and clean coolant. 


An Issue with Water Pump

The water pump is another cooling system component that needs to function to keep the rest of the system running. Its main job is to propel the coolant through your system. Several things can go wrong with the water pump, including leaks, eroded impeller vanes, or the pump shaft shifting. 


Radiator Problems

Your radiator plays the role of a heat exchanger. When this part is not working correctly, it cannot remove heat from the coolant and aid in cooling the engine. 


If you struggle to understand what is causing your engine to overheat, then our trained mechanics can step in and locate the problem. At D. Wells Automotive, we can help you fix your car and get you back on the road in no time! Give us a call or visit us today in Gurnee, IL. 


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