How To Prolong Your Vehicle's Battery Life

Your car batteries are the electrical source of your vehicle. They are responsible for powering significant components such as the radio, dashboard lights, starting your car, and more. When Summer is present most people tend to forget about their battery to focus on getting their A/C colder. Battery maintenance seems to be put on the back burner, with some people choosing to wait for the battery to die altogether. A new battery can cost up to $100 to $200 to replace it. While sticking to regular battery maintenance can help keep it running and functional anywhere from 2 to 5 years. Below are six tips to help maintain the life of your battery this summer: 

  1. Keep your car parked in an insulated garage – The best place to store your vehicle is in an insulated garage when you don’t plan driving. This helps keep the car battery warm during the winter. If you don’t have an insulated garage, a covered parking place should be an adequate substitute.
  2. Keep your battery clean - If you pop open the hood of your car, and notice a lot of dirt or residue on your car battery, it would be a good idea to clean it off. Dirt and residue on your car battery can make it difficult for the battery to hold a charge. That is why it’s essential to clean any grease, oxidation, or corrosion from the battery when you notice it. 
  3. Make sure your battery is adequately secured– If a battery isn’t properly secured in its tray, it may shift. Any shifting can cause your battery to go bad faster. Moving and shifting can also cause it to bang into the engine resulting in additional problems. 
  4.  Add Distilled Water to your battery – Distilled water stretches your car battery’s life to its full potential. It also helps prevent gas from building up inside the battery. 
  5. Recharge Battery – Recharge your car battery at the first sign of it being low. If you can, keep a portable battery charger in your vehicle if you don’t use it as often. Some solar batteries can also utilize the summer sun by using its rays to give your car battery an extra boost. 
  6.  Limit your amount of short driving trips – Short car rides don’t allow your car battery to charge fully. It’s always best to drive your vehicle frequently or for more extended periods. 

It’s essential to make sure you’re taking care of your car as a whole during the summer. Stay on top of regularly scheduled maintenance, keep it clean, and drive when you can. Don’t let your A/C distract you; your battery needs summer love too. Store your vehicle under shaded parking areas, and insulated garages to your battery’s lifespan can reach its full capacity. While your battery is just one significant aspect of keeping your vehicle running smoothly, it’s a primary component to maintaining your vehicle’s life as a whole.

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