How To Diagnose a Vehicle Fluid Leak

A vehicle relies on many different essential fluids to function, and naturally, it can leak. Some fluid leaks require more immediate attention than others; nonetheless, you need to locate them and figure out what kind of leak you have as soon as possible. First, you should never panic at the first sign of a leak. If you're unsure what to do, you can also reach out to the pros at D. Wells Automotive, and our team can help you identify the kind of leak it is. If you want to ease your worries before making a trip to the auto repair shop, here's a quick guide to profile the different kinds of fluid leaks that can occur with your vehicle:


Oil is commonly a brown or black color, and it will usually puddle up underneath where you park. Engine oil leaks can happen for several reasons: damaged oil pan, clogged filter, damaged seals, etc.

Coolant or Radiator Fluid

Coolant leaks are mostly vibrant in color due to the appearance of antifreeze. It's also more likely to happen with older cars since newer vehicles are better designed to accommodate this essential liquid. You can also determine this kind of leak by its sweet syrupy smell. This leak is considered most urgent because too low radiator fluid can lead to engine overheating.

Transmission Fluid

Transmission fluid is almost always pink or red, so it's usually the easiest to detect. You might catch a burning scent coupled with this leak. After you've recognized a transmission fluid leak, you should take your vehicle to us ASAP for transmission repairs.

Power Steering Fluid

Power steering fluid can sometimes be confused with transmission fluid. However, this type of juice can only leak from the engine bay, and your steering functions will falter as a result.

Brake Fluid

Brake fluid or DOT fluid typically has a yellowish hue, and it sometimes smells fishy. If you catch this odor near your vehicle, you should get the necessary repairs for your safety.

Windscreen Wiper

Windscreen wiper fluid is the most translucent of all the fluids, and it's usually pink or blue. While this fluid rarely leaks, you still need to repair it at one point or another.


If you notice unusual fluid puddles around your vehicle, please do not hesitate to come by D. Wells Automotive for a proper inspection. Our technicians will be able to patch up your car in no time! Please call us at (847) 505-0148 or visit if you have any questions.

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