Helpful Reminders After Purchasing A Used Car

The next best thing to that new car smell is a great deal on a used one. If you just bought a pre-owned vehicle, you may be itching to take it around the block a few times. You may even start daydreaming about a future weekend road trip. Before you get excited and add some additional miles, below are few helpful reminders on things to do right after purchasing a used car:

The Title
If you bought your vehicle pre-owned from a dealership, most of the required paperwork would be submitted to the right places. If you decided to finance your car, your lender would hold onto the title until the loan is paid off.

If you bought your car from a private seller, make sure they can provide official statements from the banks and other lien holders that any prior loans have been paid off.

Automotive Insurance
Make sure you secure automotive insurance as soon as possible. Insurance protects you and your vehicle. It’s also essential because most states require you to have auto insurance for your newly purchased vehicle before registering it or getting a license plate. If you’re purchasing through a dealer, they may be able to help with this.

For pre-owned vehicles in some states, car dealers can help file registration documents. Some states will even let them issue plates on the spot. If not, you’ll walk away with temporary plates to get you going. It’s best to visit the DMV website directly for more information.

Get an Inspection
For certified pre-owned vehicles, a mechanic is said to have inspected it beforehand. However, it’s always a smart move to see a mechanic you trust and have them take a thorough look over the vehicle to be on the safe side.

Having all of the critical paperwork filed and inspections completed will make breaking in your new car more enjoyable. If you recently purchased a certified pre-owned vehicle, D. Wells Automotive Service would be happy to inspect your vehicle to give that extra peace of mind. Our Gurnee,IL automotive team is here to assist and are available for any questions.

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