Do I Really Need to Replace my Timing Belt?

The timing belt is important because they will force different valves in the vehicle to open and close based on how the pistons move. However, getting this replaced can be expensive, which is why a lot of car owners will wait too long.

Waiting too long to replace this belt is going to cause a lot of damage to the engine. Knowing when to replace the timing belt, and getting it done, can help protect your vehicle.

When to Replace the Timing Belt?

Timing belts, just like all of the other components of your vehicle, will wear out. When this happens, they will do some damage to your engine. It is best if you can replace this belt before it breaks or slips on you. The best time to do this depends on what type of vehicle you drive, but most will recommend that you do this somewhere between 60,000 to 100,000 miles. Look at your owner's manual to determine the best time to do this.

Is Replacing the Timing Belt Expensive?

The timing belt is often difficult to reach in most cars, which means the labor to fix it can be harder. When you need this to get repaired, you may also need to replace some other parts that are near it, including the water pump or idler arm.

This can be expensive, but it is all part of the preventative maintenance that is necessary to keep your vehicle working well. The cost of replacing the timing belt can be higher than most car owners are ready for. However, it is a lot less money to replace the belt ahead of time than it is to replace all of your engine because it failed when the timing belt breaks on the road. If you are ever worried about the timing belt, go visit your mechanic to have them take a look at it to be safe.

If you have noticed that your timing belt is getting old and looks like it is about to start falling apart, then it is time to get into your trusted mechanic to get it fixed. Contact our auto repair shop to help you get this done.

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