Can You Mix Tires?

As a reputable tire shop in Gurnee, IL, you bet we get a ton of questions about tires. One of the most popular ones we get is, "can you mix tires?". When replacing one or a pair of tires, you should always try to buy ones that are as close as possible to the existing ones on your vehicle. A matching tire with the same tread pattern, materials, and size is needed to ensure optimal performance. We strongly advise against mismatching tires unless your automaker recommends it.


Some drivers use tires with different tread patterns, produced by other manufacturers, various sizes, and even different purposes (all-season vs. summer tires).


Because each tire serves different purposes and has varying handling capabilities, you should match your tires. If you use mismatched tires, your automobile can falter with its handling and braking, which can be extremely dangerous. Furthermore, rocking different tires can cause some to wear sooner than others. And uneven wear usually means requiring a tire replacement a lot quicker than you need to.


Ideally, you should replace all four tires at once to get maximum performance and safety. Replacing all your cars' tires is not always required, though it is highly recommended if you want to get the best performance and handling. If you are only going to replace one or two of the tires on one occasion while holding off on the rest, make sure you exactly match the ones you have. 


If you cannot purchase the exact tire again for reasons like discontinued, you should try your best to match the performance category with the same load ratings, speed ratings, and other characteristics.


Using tires that don't match should only be an option you choose as a last resort or in a case of an emergency (ex. wearing a spare). So please avoid it at all costs. If you need help picking out new tires for your car, SUV, or truck, please call or come by D. Wells Automotive Service today.

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