Can a Blown Engine Be Recovered?

The head gasket can be considered the engine's bodyguard, because it protects the engine from elements. Now that we got that out of the way, what happens if it's destroyed? Is it possible to fix it? Let's see how it can be saved.

What is the head gasket?

The head gasket sits between the engine block and cylinder heads in an internal combustion engine. It plays a large role to ensure that the engine keeps running.

What are the signs that the engine is blown?

Vehicle doesn't recover from overheating

When the engine overheats, sometimes you just need to let it cool down. This sometimes does the trick. But if the engine is constantly overheating, then your engine may be on its way out.

White Exhaust

If you see smoke coming out of the exhaust, you should know that your engine may be on its way out. This means that the engine is burning oil, and that is never a good sign. This is something that should be looked at immediately.

Coolant leaking without visible signs

If you don't see visible signs of the coolant leaking, you know the engine is failing. This is because it will mix with the oil, and together it starts foaming, near the engine. This is often a sign that the engine is dying.

Startup issues

The vehicle should be able to come on easily. However, if it's sputtering, you should consider that there may be an engine problem. Never ignore this and consider it a minor problem. Instead, it is a larger problem that needs to be diagnosed as soon as possible.


Is your vehicle misfiring? While it may seem cool that it "misfires", it can also mean that there is a problem with the engine or head gasket. Bring your car into the shop so that it can be diagnosed.

Your engine may be saved if you've been watching the coolant's levels. However, it's often the case where the engine may need a lot more work than you realize. If you need engine repair, we invite you to bring your vehicle to D. Wells Automotive Service today!

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