Advantages of Parking in Reverse

When leaving a parking spot, pulling forward is always quicker and more convenient than backing out. Depending on where you live, angled parking spots may be more prevalent and challenge you to reverse park. With more vehicles being equipped with modern technology, such as backup cameras and motion sensors, drivers have become much more comfortable operating their vehicles. Below are some reasons why it’s better to back into parking spaces: 


Due to more enhanced visibility, backing into a parking space can be done quicker than ever. You can save plenty of time when you don’t have to back out while struggling to look for oncoming traffic.


Better visibility equals higher safety. When reversing, you often have to back out more than halfway out of the space before you can see clearly in all directions. Pulling out forward from a parking space means you’ll need to creep forward no more than 1/3 of the way. Therefore, it is a safer method for other drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians. 


If you have an emergency that requires you to move fast, reverse parking makes it easier to hop into your vehicle and head on out. 


If there are any mechanical problems with your car, you’ll have more convenient access to the hood for checks and repairs. 


Pulling straight out of a parking space is a fuel-saving method in the long run. Research has proven that you use more fuel on a cold engine while backing out than pulling forward in the first few minutes of starting your vehicle. 


Though it might be daunting to park in reverse at first, but it will benefit you in the long run. It is a skill that takes getting used to with time. Plus, features such as a rearview camera make practicing much easier. Save time and money by reverse parking. 


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